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The choice of venue is a critical factor in determining the success of any event. Opting for the perfect destination that caters to all your needs and preferences is essential for ensuring comfort and enjoyment. The Jewel Orchard has emerged as a popular choice for hosting weddings, private parties, and corporate events due to its ability to fulfill every requirement.

Featuring a luxurious air-conditioned banquet hall, a vast open-air space ideal for any occasion, a pristine pool, and top-notch amenities, Jewel Orchard guarantees a triumphant outcome for all events held there.

Location and Accessibility

Jewel Orchard is conveniently situated at Aziz Nagar-Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, just 15 km away from Mehdipatnam or Gachibowli and easily accessible via the Outer Ring Road. It is also a quick 20-minute drive from Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The venue is surrounded by photogenic greenery, creating a stunning backdrop for any event, and boasts a pollution-free environment.

Event Spaces

Jewel Orchard features lush green lawns spread over 50,000 Sq. Ft. convenient for accommodating gatherings ranging from 200 Pax to 5000 Pax. These expansive lawns are perfect for a variety of events, including Weddings, Engagement Ceremonies, Birthday parties, Baby Shower parties, Navratri Dandiya, Corporate events, Product Launches, Exhibitions, and other get-togethers.

The venue also features two lavish, fully air-conditioned banquet and convention halls measuring 5000 sq. ft and 3000 sq. ft, respectively, that can comfortably accommodate gatherings of 100 Pax to 300 Pax. Additionally, Jewel Orchard offers well-maintained swimming pools and convention halls for hosting poolside parties that can accommodate up to 300 Pax.

With a range of venue options, Jewel Orchard is an excellent choice for weddings, engagement ceremonies, birthday parties, and all types of corporate events. The venue offers top-of-the-range amenities, including multiple options for decorations, lighting, seating arrangements, crockery, and more that can be customised to meet customers’ requirements.

Ambience and Décor

Jewel Orchard has a stunning, dreamlike ambience that stands out against the backdrop of lush, natural scenery, adding charm to photos and videos. The event planners use an array of decorations, such as flowers, balloons, and various types of lighting and sound effects, to create an exhilarating ambience. The venue also offers excellent audiovisual systems, seating arrangements, and lighting effects that help to make your event exceptional and memorable.

In addition to hosting in-person events, Jewel Orchard provides the option of hosting hybrid or virtual events. This allows invitees who are unable to attend the event to participate through various interactive features. The event can be live-streamed for non-attendees to enjoy from anywhere, ensuring that everyone can be a part of the special occasion.

Catering and Menu Options

Jewel Orchard offers a diverse range of authentic cuisine that can be customised to meet the specific requirements of any event. The in-house catering team comprises expert chefs who specialise in a variety of cuisines, including Hyderabadi, South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Tandoori, Continental, Andhra specialties, Jain food, and a wide range of sweets.

The venue boasts a spacious, well-maintained, and hygienic kitchen spanning over 10,000 sq. ft. to cater to all culinary needs. Customers also have the option of bringing their own caterers for their events. The well-furnished kitchen at Jewel Orchard can be used to make all types of cuisine, ensuring that the culinary aspect of your event is exceptional.

Facilities and Services

Jewel Orchard offers unparalleled services and facilities that set us apart from other venues. Our in-house decor team will work with you to personalize your event and create a theme and decor that aligns with your preferences.

We provide all the necessary amenities, including state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to make your event an unforgettable experience. With strategically placed television and projector screens, you won’t miss any important moments, and our Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the venue.

At Jewel Orchard, we understand that good food is a crucial element of any event, and our in-house catering service strives to impress your attendees with delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine that they will remember long after the event.

Booking and Planning Process

Promotion Events Venue in Hyderabad​

Presently, we only have an offline booking facility that you can avail of by calling us and scheduling a personal discussion with our team.

Marketing and Promotion

At Jewel Orchard, we offer a unique opportunity for businesses hosting events to promote themselves through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Our team can assist you in creating video teasers and other posts to market your event and gain excellent publicity. This exposure for your brand can help expand your network and reach potential customers, generating valuable leads that can convert to customers.

What sets Jewel Orchard apart from other venues is our commitment to supporting your business through various marketing platforms, providing an unparalleled level of service to our clients.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Team Outings Places in Hyderabad​

Jewel Orchard is dedicated to fulfilling our environmental responsibilities by implementing sustainable practices that minimize pollution and reduce our carbon footprint. We prioritize reducing waste at the venue by utilizing recyclable plates and cups whenever possible. Additionally, any leftover food is distributed to those in need, further reducing unnecessary waste.

Safety and Security

At Jewel Orchard, we prioritize the safety and security of our guests and have implemented top-notch arrangements to ensure a secure environment. We have 24-hour functioning CCTV cameras placed strategically throughout the venue to monitor every corner, and our trained security personnel are stationed at key locations such as the entrance and parking areas, equipped to handle any security situation with expertise.

Benefits of Choosing Jewel Orchard

Choosing Jewel Orchard for your event is the best way to ensure it is a grand success.

The advantages the venue offers are incomparable. Jewel Orchard is conveniently located along the scenic surroundings at Himayatnagar village and is easily accessible from the airport.

The picturesque surroundings around the venue serve as an excellent backdrop for your photos and videos taken during your event.

Its 3000 sq. ft air-conditioned banquet hall can accommodate 500 people and is perfect for any event. You can also host your event near the well-maintained, spacious pool at the venue.

The ambience provided by the modern lighting fixtures makes your event an event to remember. What’s more, you can customize the decor and seating arrangements as per your requirements.


Jewel Orchard undoubtedly sets the bar high as an event venue, surpassing its competitors with its stunning ambiance, unbeatable location, delectable dining options, exceptional service provided by our friendly staff, and unmatched flexibility to customize events.

Contact the Jewel Orchard team for an awe-inspiring event that will linger in your memory forever.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Jewel Orchard team for an unforgettable event that will remain etched in your memory forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For mega-events, you must book the open-air venue at Jewel Orchard, which can accommodate up to 5000 people.

Our in-house caterers can prepare both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for your event. They are experts in South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Tandoori, Continental, Hyderabad specialties, Andhra food, Jain food, and all varieties of sweets.

You must book the venue the moment you finalize the event date and the final guest list since our venues are always in demand for the entire year.

Our in-house expert event planners will help you plan the themes and decor for your events. You can get your event personalized by sharing your views and inputs about the decoration, seating arrangement, food, and other aspects with the planning team.

For the security of guests, we have 24-hour CCTV cameras that monitor the venue. We also have trained security guards who conduct frequent rounds throughout the venue to ensure there are no security issues.

You can customize the decor for your event with the assistance of our event planners, who will arrange anything you want, like balloons, flowers, or other accessories.

Parking space for your vehicles is abundant at Jewel Orchard. You can even avail of a special valet parking facility we specially provide to our guests.

You can host functions for lunch events and dinner events.

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