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True to its name, Jewel Orchard is a priceless jewel for the people of Hyderabad as it is transforming the way events are being conducted.

The banquet hall in Hyderabad is the perfect place to host events of any kind, like weddings, engagements, business meetings, and other get-togethers.

The luxury banquet hall at Jewel Orchard spreads over 3000 sq. ft and easily accommodates around 500 guests.

You will be captivated by the friendly staff’s professional service, always ready to attend to every need.

Location and Facilities

For any event to be a winner, it needs to be easily accessible to guests. As Jewel Orchard is located conveniently 15 km away from Mehdipatnam, at Himayatnagar village, Moinabad Mandal, it is reachable from both the airport and railway station. Locally residing guests can reach the venue on their vehicles easily through the well-maintained roads.

The venue’s USP is that it is set amongst breathtaking scenic surroundings that make your pics and videos look extraordinary.

You receive premium amenities at the banquet hall to turn your event into a memorable one, including clean and luxurious washrooms, WiFI, in-house catering services, lighting, etc.

Event Planning and Coordination

Luxury Banquet Halls in Hyderabad​

You can customize your event with Jewel Orchard’s event planners by sharing with them your ideas and vision.

Jewel Orchard’s expert planning team takes away the stress of organizing the event, allowing you to focus on the enjoyment of your occasion.

The venue’s professional planners plan each and every little detail to perfection by collaborating with customers and ensuring that everything is perfectly arranged hours before the actual event.

However, to ensure that there are no last-minute surprises, it is better to coordinate with the planners well in advance the moment you fix the venue and the guest list.

Catering Services

Jewel Orchard’s in-house catering service and its modern, well-equipped kitchen ensure your event is a smashing success with its delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare.

Our chefs are experts in preparing South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Andhra food, Jain food, Tandoori, Continental, Hyderabad specialties, and all types of sweets, guaranteeing an out-of-the-world dining experience for your guests.

Don’t hesitate to request the caterers for a garlic-free or onion-free menu if you have dietary restrictions. They will also be glad to incorporate any special dishes you want into their menu.

Technology and Audio-visual Equipment

Luxury Banquet Halls in Hyderabad​

Jewel Orchard uses state-of-the-art equipment to power your event, and everything from the lighting effects, sound equipment, decorations, and other accessories is top-class.

You will be provided with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, television, and projector screens for viewing the event’s important moments.

Our cooperative staff will attend to any issue you face while using our equipment and will resolve it in time so that your event proceeds smoothly.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

At Jewel Orchard, each of our staff is dedicated to fulfilling our environmental responsibilities. We adhere to sustainable practices to avoid pollution and do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. We avoid plastics as much as possible and use environmentally friendly products.

We never miss any opportunity to take part in environmental initiatives and partnerships that can positively impact our planet.

Safety and Security

Luxury Banquet Halls in Hyderabad​

Our security arrangements include 24-hour surveillance of the venue through CCTV cameras. Trained security personnel positioned at the entrances, reception area, and parking area check every person entering the venue, examine their documents, and ensure they do not possess hazardous items like inflammable chemicals. All electrical fittings are frequently monitored to ensure there is no safety risk for guests.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Jewel Orchard ensures that guests with disabilities or special needs are cared for by its staff. Our staff is trained to deal with such people fairly and compassionately and ensure that they have no problems while moving about the venue.

Community Involvement and Partnerships

We never lose opportunities to give back to the community and have always partnered with local businesses and other organizations for good causes.


As a premier luxury banquet hall, Jewel Orchard has no competition and is unmatched in facilities, location, and service.

It offers world-class amenities, including air-conditioned banquet halls, a poolside venue, a spacious open-air lawn, photography, and video facilities, event planning, in-house caterers, and much more to people who book the venue.

In addition, its location at the scenic Himayatnagar village and easy accessibility from the airport and railway stations make it the most preferred venue for events.

Make your event a smashing success by booking at Jewel Orchard, the pride of Hyderabad people.

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Venue Location

Frequently Asked Questions

The luxury banquet hall at Jewel Orchard is perfect for weddings, engagement parties, birthday celebrations, business meetings, and other occasions. The hall can easily accommodate 200 to 500 people.

Our banquet hall is spread over 3000 sq. ft with the capacity to accommodate around 500 guests. The open-air lawns at Jewel Orchard are spread over 45000 sq. ft and can accommodate 5000 people.

At Jewel Orchard, we have our own wedding planners to decorate and arrange your event and in-house caterers to take care of your food arrangements. This prevents the need for our customers to bring in their own vendors.

Parking space is abundant, and you can park all your vehicles safely at our venue. Those who require valet parking can avail of that facility.

We welcome you to visit our venue for a tour and examine our spaces and the facilities they offer before you make a final decision.

Always book an event immediately after finalizing your event date and guest list since our venue gets booked quickly throughout the year.

Jewel Orchard has its own event planning team to assist our customers in customizing the event as per their needs.

We provide cutting-edge equipment and accessories you need for your events, like sound systems, audio-visual equipment, a projector, TV screens, and many more.

Our in-house chefs are considerate of your dietary requirements and prepare the menu based on your suggestions and dietary restrictions.

CCTV cameras monitor every inch of the venue 24 hours a day. There is well-trained security personnel who patrol the venue to ensure guests are safe and handle any emergencies that may occur.

People with disabilities can navigate the venue with ease and will be taken care of by the considerate staff of Jewel Orchard.

We minimize the use of plastic items and try as much as possible to use only recyclable cups, plates, and other essential items.

Jewel Orchard believes in giving back to the community and always participates in events that can benefit the society.

Guests can expect facilities like clean washrooms, WiFI, in-house catering services, audio-visual equipment, lighting arrangements, event planners to customize their events, and much more.

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