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Best Venue for Launch Events in Hyderabad


Perfect Venue for Launch Events in Hyderabad

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Best Venue for Launch Events in Hyderabad​

Want to make your product launch even stand out?

Then a classic venue surrounded by lush-greenery should be your choice.

Whether you are launching a new product or service or inaugurating a new business, the benefits and features Jewel Orchard offers are unbeatable.

Launch events are special occasions that need to be conducted in an out-of-the-ordinary way, and by choosing Jewel Orchard, you are assured of an exceptional experience.

Jewel Orchard has everything you expect from a top-quality venue, like an air-conditioned lavish banquet hall, a great open-air space for lavish parties, a sparking pool, world-class amenities, and excellent customer service.

Location and Accessibility

The full participation of all your invitees, including business associates, partners, and customers, is crucial for the success of your launch event. For that to happen, your venue must be easily accessible by both public and private transportation. Isn’t it

As Jewel Orchard is strategically located just 15 km from Mehdipatnam, at Himayatnagar village, Moinabad Mandal, all your invitees will have no trouble reaching the venue from the airport or railway station. For local people travelling through the well-maintained roads leading to the venue will be convenient.

At the venue, the abundant parking area provides sufficient space for parking vehicles. The special valet parking facility is another premium amenity we offer to visitors.

The plus point of the venue is its location amidst green surroundings that serve as an excellent background for your pics and videos of the event.

Event Spaces

Best Venue for Launch Events in Hyderabad​

Jewel Orchard features lush green lawns spread over 50,000 Sq. Ft. convenient for accommodating gatherings ranging from 200 Pax to 5000 Pax. These expansive lawns are perfect for a variety of events, including Weddings, Engagement Ceremonies, Birthday parties, Baby Shower parties, Navratri Dandiya, Corporate events, Product Launches, Exhibitions, and other get-togethers.

The venue also features two lavish, fully air-conditioned banquet and convention halls measuring 5000 sq. ft and 3000 sq. ft, respectively, that can comfortably accommodate gatherings of 100 Pax to 300 Pax. Additionally, Jewel Orchard offers well-maintained swimming pools and convention halls for hosting poolside parties that can accommodate up to 300 Pax.

Amenities and Equipment

Jewel Orchard guarantees that your launch event will be extraordinary. We provide cutting-edge audio-visual equipment to make the experience even better for your invitees. We install large television and projector screens at appropriate locations to ensure no one misses the special moments.

The advanced sound system at the venue is of superior quality. We provide a high-speed Wi-Fi connection accessible from everywhere at the venue.

The exceptional food arrangements by our in-house caterers will make your launch event more memorable. We have options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with a variety of cuisine options like Chinese, Andhra food, Jain food, Tandoori, Continental, and Hyderabad specialties, plus different types of sweets.

Our experienced in-house wedding planners are efficient at organizing launch events and will customize the event as per your suggestions. You can even request them for any additional equipment you want.

Customization and Personalization

Best Venue for Launch Events in Hyderabad​

We guarantee your event will be a unique experience tailored to your vision and requirements.

You can coordinate with the venue’s wedding planners to get the layout, design arrangements, and even the menu customized to your desires.

Planning and Coordination

Our event planners discuss how you want to celebrate your event, and based on that, they plan everything perfectly, attending to the last detail and ensuring there are no glitches.

Jewel Orchard’s onsite planners remove the stress of planning and organizing your launch event with the help of its well-experienced staff, ensuring your deadlines are met.

Marketing and Promotion

Best Venue for Launch Events in Hyderabad​

Jewel Orchard provides support for marketing your business through different platforms on social media like Instagram and Facebook. You can ensure maximum attendance at your event with video teasers and other promotions with our help.

Technology and Innovation

Jewel Orchard ensures travel restrictions will not restrict your celebrations by providing virtual and hybrid options for your event. We stream your event live, adding interactive features that allow people who cannot attend physically to participate in the event.

Our advanced audio-visual equipment ensures a seamless experience for your guests.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Jewel Orchard is forever committed to sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure minimal environmental pollution.

We always use only recyclable plates and cups made and minimize the wastage of food.
We ban the use of plastics and other hazardous materials that can negatively impact the environment.

Security and Safety

24-hour functioning CCTV cameras monitor every inch of our venue. We have trained security personnel who are positioned at strategic locations like the entrance or parking arena. If needed, they can tackle any emergency with ease.

Networking and Collaboration

When you host your launch event at Jewel Orchard, the venue vibes, choice, becomes a good reason to get the opportunity to network with people from different walks of life with whom you can build partnerships and lasting relationships.

And do not lose this opportunity to showcase your brand and your product or service at the venue will open up opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people, attract more customers and grow your business.

After-Event Services

We extend our services even after your event is over and provide professional clean-up and tear-down services. We make the checking out process hassle-free while we prepare the venue for the next event.
We will even help you leverage the publicity generated for the event to promote your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jewel Orchard is the most popular venue in Hyderabad for launch events, weddings, engagements, birthday celebrations, and other occasions. It has spacious, well-equipped banquet halls, open-air lawns, and a spacious pool where you can host your events.

Currently, you can book your event through our offline process by calling us and scheduling a discussion.

It is suitable for launch events, weddings, engagements, birthday celebrations, and other events.

The banquet hall accommodates up to 500 people, while the open-air venue can seat more than 5000 people.

We provide all amenities you may need for your events, including washroom facilities, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, sound system, audio-visual equipment, in-house catering services, and more.

We have our in-house caterers who will personalize your menu as per your requirements. Our experienced chefs are experts in various types of cuisines like Chinese, South Indian, Andhra food, Jain, and more.

You can personalize your event with our event planners’ assistance and arrange the theme, decorations, or menu to your wishes.

We have event planners who discuss how you want to celebrate your event. They plan your theme, decorations, and everything to ensure your event is smoothly conducted.

Parking space is plentiful at Jewel Orchard for all your vehicles, and we even have a valet parking facility.

We have 24-hour functioning CCTV cameras monitoring the venue. Trained security personnel patrol the venue regularly and handle any security issues that may arise.

We provide the advantage of conducting both virtual and hybrid events. We use cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, projectors, TV screens, the latest sound equipment, and lighting to ensure your event’s success.

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